About Me

I am an applied mathematician working in geophysical fluid dynamics and physical oceanography. I am currently a lecturer at Newcastle University. My work combines asymptotic analysis with numerical simulations and focuses on understanding the effects of turbulent mixing and boundary processes on the dynamics of the ocean and atmosphere.

My research seeks to address the following questions:

  • Mixed layer turbulence: the upper layer of the ocean is a region of elevated turbulence due to surface processes such as winds, heat transfer and evaporation. How does this turbulence affect the dynamics of upper ocean features such as fronts and instabilities?

  • Parametrising small scale ocean features: can we use our understanding of the dynamics of small-scale ocean features to predict how these features interact with the large-scale dynamics such that only the large-scale dynamics need be resolved?

  • Interactions of vortices with waves and boundaries: how do vortices decay or breakdown when interacting with waves and boundaries? When can the presence of a vortex resulting in wave breaking?